New York Debt Collector Playing Games with Your Finances?

If you have a New York debt collector playing games with your finances it is no laughing matter.  In fact, debt collector deceit and trickery may violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act as well as the New York State Consumer Protection Law.

Common games played by debt collectors include attempting to get you to admit key parts of your case before they will discuss settlement with you.  For example, the debt collector may require you to confirm that you reside at the address where they claim to have served you with legal notices.  Such an admission may then be used against you in court, as proof that you were properly alerted of your rights and failed to timely dispute the debt.

New York Debt Collector Playing Games Defaulted Credit Cards?

In addition, a New York debt collector playing games with a bank restraining notice may tell you they will call you back, only to ignore your inquiry and proceed with a levy on your funds.

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