Obtain Civil Court File for Debt Collection Case

How & why to obtain a copy of the Civil Court file for your debt collection case.

If you have been sued by a collection agency, you will want to obtain the Civil Court file.  The paperwork contained in the court file generally include:

  • Summons & Compalint
  • Affidavit of Service
  • Proof or Verification Debt
  • Judgment (if any)

We obtain the Civil Court file in debt collection cases

It is important to review these documents carefully in order to mount a legal defense.  Any discrepancies or incorrect information should be challenged as part of your defense to the debt collection lawsuit.

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You can obtain the civil court file for debt collection cases at the court clerks office.  The clerk will make the file available to you to view on premises, and you may photocopy or photograph the contents of the file.

Obtain Civil Court File for Debt Collection from Court Archives

If your case is many years old, it may be necessary to place an order for the court file to be obtained from the court archives.  In this instance, it may take several weeks for the documents to arrive at the court house.

However, if a garnishment or bank levy is pending against you, and emergency application can be filed with the court even without the availability of the court file.  The judge can protect you from unwarranted debt collection while you wait to obtain the civil court file from archives.

Our NYC Defense Lawyers Obtain Civil Court Files for Debt Collection Cases

Our New York debt defense attorneys regularly order and obtain court files as part of our defense of debt collection lawsuits.

We scrutinize the contents of the Civil Court files to identify all possible defenses and counterclaims to protect our client’s rights.

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