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New York Mortgage Modification Lawyers

Why hire a New York Mortgage Modification Lawyer?

Though many have probably heard of the term “mortgage modification” before, most do not know what it actually means. The purpose of mortgage modification is to allow homeowners to negotiate and modify the terms of their mortgage into more affordable, manageable increments. Homeowners who are struggling to make ends meet and stay current with their mortgage can use a modification to help them remain in their home.

  • We can help you completely understand the financial and legal ramifications of a mortgage modification, including:
  • Modified interest rates
  • Extending the terms of a loan or mortgage payment
  • Determining the type and length of mortgage
  • Waiving fees or arrears
  • Compiling all necessary tax returns or bank account statements

Millions of Americans are finding it difficult to afford their mortgage payments. Do not think that you are alone at this time. If you are currently struggling with your mortgage payment or suspect that you may default on your mortgage obligations, you may qualify for a relief program such as the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) from Making Home Affordable that can help you agree to more affordable terms and in some cases, help you completely avoid foreclosure.

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