Asset Acceptance Wage Garnishment Sent to Your Job?

Asset Acceptance Wage Garnishment Sent to Your Job?

Asset Acceptance Wage Garnishment notices require an employer to withhold ten percent (10%) of your weekly pay from your salary.

This 10% amount gets sent to the New York City Marshal, to pay off the Asset Acceptance Wage Garnishment and money judgment.

Most Asset Acceptance Wage Garnishment notices result from an unpaid credit card debt, that became a Default Judgment in the Brooklyn or Queens County Civil Court.

Asset Acceptance LLC is a debt buyer company that purchases old debt accounts from Citibank, N.A. and other major financial institutions.

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We will explain how an Asset Acceptance debt collection lawsuit can be dismissed in court by filing a motion for the judge to review.

In our experience, once the Judge sees that Asset Acceptance has insufficient proof of the debt, the wage garnishment will be thrown out and the case will be dismissed.

If the Asset Acceptance Wage Garnishment lawyers handling your file committed a violation of debt collection laws, they can even be forced to pay you a statutory penalty up to one thousand dollars ($1,000) plus they have to pay your legal fees on your behalf.

Don’t delay. The ability to get favorable results on your case depends on sending a prompt response to any garnishment or Marshal Notice you receive.

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