Houslanger Wage Garnishment Defense Lawyers

When a Houslanger Wage Garnishment was served on our client, we reviewed the court documents and quickly determined the debt was invalid.

Our client did not live at the address where she was allegedly served with the lawsuit, and Houslanger & Associates law firm failed to file proof of the debt with the court.

Nobody wants to pay a debt they don’t owe, and our debt relief firm is here to help.

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Houslanger Wage Garnishment Defense Lawyers

Houslanger & Associates is a debt collection law firm that represents creditors who have taken over accounts from the bank that issued the line of credit. Accounts transferred in this fashion frequently lack the necessary documentation of the account history.

When a consumer timely responds to a Houslanger lawsuit and fights the case in court, often times it can be dismissed. However, if the lawsuit is not responded to, a default judgment can be entered.

Next, a Houslanger wage garnishment can be served on the debtor’s employer. In this instance, the New York City Marshal is required to withhold 10% of your paycheck each week to pay off the debt.

In addition, the Marshal’s Office will add their fee of 5% to the judgment total as well.

We recommend our clients have any Houslanger wage garnishments reviewed by an attorney to check the validity of these legal documents.

The lawsuit documents should be picked up in court and carefully reviewed for accuracy.

If you did not live at the property where the court summons was served, a default judgment can be vacated – or thrown out – by the presiding judge.

Brooklyn & Queens County Civil Court judges are quite familiar with the thousands of default judgments that have been improperly entered against New Yorkers. Let us take your case to the judge’s attention so that you can have justice once and for all.

Email our debt defense lawyers a copy of your Houslanger wage garnishment for a complementary review today.