Colorado Capital Wage Garnishment Dismissed

Have you been served with a Colorado Capital wage garnishment?

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Our law firm has identified many instances where Colorado Capital wage garnishment notices are not legally enforceable by the creditor.

Colorado Capital wage garnishments often follow a fictitious assignment of the debt, and there is a good chance you do not legally owe the creditor any money.

Colorado Capital Wage Garnishment Dismissed

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Colorado Capital is often represented in court by the law firm Daniels Norelli Scully & Cecere PC. Daniels Norelli is a New York law firm based in Long Island. So don’t be fooled by the name “Colorado” on your court papers.

Colorado Capital is a debt buyer company that takes over old credit card accounts from original creditor banks. This debt buyer files many debt collection lawsuits in New York City. If the defendant does not respond to the lawsuit in a timely manner, Colorado Capital will likely enter a default judgment, after which time their Wage Garnishment notice can be issued.

If you have received a Colorado Capital wage garnishment, you can take it to court and explain to the judge that you never had an account with this company.

Further, you should carefully review the name of the Plaintiff as shown on the lawsuit Summons, Complaint and Judgment. Colorado Capital has been known to transfer their debt accounts from one company to another, after the judgment has been entered. The new company taking over the account is often Colorado Capital Investments Inc.

Any such assignment or transfer of a debt must be done in properly documented and lawful manner. You can review the court file to determine whether Daniels Norelli filed an Assignment of the judgment to the creditor named on the wage garnishment.

We highly recommend challenging the legitimacy of a Colorado Capital Wage Garnishment. Contact us for a free consultation in Brooklyn & Queens today.