Portfolio Recovery Debt Collectors Violate FDCPA in Brooklyn Letter

Portfolio Recovery debt collectors violated our client’s rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Our Brooklyn New York client had financial hardship after being the victim of fraud and identity theft. Her HSBC credit card account was transferred to Portfolio Recovery Associates debt collectors to file a lawsuit in the Kings County Civil Court.

Our debt defense lawyer defended the card member in the case. We served discovery demands to force the Plaintiff to prove the debt, and prevent an award of summary judgment against our client.

The Portfolio Recovery debt collectors eventually put the litigation on hold. Next, they began direct contact with our client at her Brooklyn home. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act expressly prohibits a debt collector from communicating with a consumer it knows to be represented by an attorney. Just one Portfolio Recovery debt collection letter was enough to file a claim against PRA for a consumer rights violation.

Portfolio Recovery Debt Collector Defense Lawyer

Have you been contacted by Portfolio Recover debt collectors? Make sure to assert your right to proof of the debt and account balance, as well as your right to cease all debt collection phone calls. If you are represented by a lawyer, Portfolio Recovery Assoc. debt collectors should be put on notice, in writing, to avoid any future confusion.

If the debt collector violates the FDCPA by continuing to contact the debtor, a statutory penalty of up to $1,000 can be obtained in court. The bank that originally opened the credit card account may also have liability for certain consumer protection violations. These banks include HSBC, Citibank, Capital One and GE Capital.

Call our consumer rights lawyers to review your Portfolio Recovery debt collection FDCPA claim. In addition to stopping unlawful debt collector harassment, we can file a Complaint in Court and fight to win monetary compensation for your suffering.

We are pleased to provide these legal services to Brooklyn & Queens NY consumers at no out of pocket charge to our client. The FDCPA is a “fee shifting” statute, which requires collection agency that violates the law to pay our legal fees on your behalf.

Take back control of your finances. Call our Portfolio Recovery debt collection defense firm today.