McCabe Weisberg Conway Mortgage Modification Lawyer Saves Queens NY Home

A McCabe Weisberg Conway mortgage modification was approved during our aggressive defense of a Queens New York foreclosure lawsuit.

Our clients, husband & wife, faced a Citibank foreclosure lawsuit against their home in Bayside Queens. Citibank was represented by the foreclosure and mortgage mod lawyers McCabe Weisberg Conway PC.

McCabe Weisberg foreclosure cases have been filed against hundreds of homeowners on behalf of Citibank N.A. and other large lending institutions. The cases are brought Queens, Brooklyn and throughout the New York region.

This particular matter was heard in the Queens County Supreme Court, located on Sutphin Blvd. in Jamaica, Queens.

Our clients are from overseas, and have a relatively unfamiliar way of presenting and spelling their first and last names. Specifically, they are commonly known by sur-names, followed by a hyphenated family name and “first name”.

Despite our clients’ heavy foreign influences, they had a fully adequate understanding of the local judicial process. These homeowners made sure to send the lawsuit documents to an attorney for review, and were prepared to submit all required financial disclosures.

By picking up on discrepancies in the way McCabe Weisberg Conway mortgage modification and foreclosure documents listed our clients’ full names, we were able to raise defenses regarding the validity of the documents.

After months of litigation and negotiation, and faced with the prospect of having the entire lawsuit dismissed, the McCabe Weisberg mortgage mod was eventually approved.

McCabe Weisberg Conway Mortgage Mod Lawyer

If you have applied for a McCabe Weisberg Conway mortgage mod in the past, you are likely aware of the large scale requests for documents and information to which you must respond. Through strategic defense of foreclosure proceedings, a homeowner can rally the court’s support and apply maximum pressure on the lender to approve a settlement and payment plan.

Contact our foreclosure defense lawyers for representation in a McCabe Weisberg Conway mortgage mod application. Let us fight to save your home in Queens or Brooklyn New York.