Credit Report Lawsuit “Supreme” Victory for Bad Credit Inquiring Consumer

Does Equifax report credit history under your name?

One consumer had a horrible credit report experience while trying to finance the purchase of an automobile.

Experian reported the man’s name correctly. TransUnion reported the man’s name in an acceptable manner as well.

However, Equifax refused to report a credit file on the man because his first name is “God”. While a first name of “God” may be unheard of in the United States, it is a common first name given in eastern Europe and Russia, similar to Godfrey.

God sued Equifax, and his complaint was heard in the Eastern District of New York, styled Gazarov v. Equifax. [1] The matter was assigned to a federal magistrate for mediation.

Later in the proceedings, God won a “supremely” favorable settlement pursuant to which Equifax backed down and agreed to issue a credit report under the consumer’s name. Other terms of the confidential settlement cannot be disclosed, but a common credit report settlement includes a cash payment from credit reporters to the consumer.

The settlement enabled God to obtain a favorable Equifax credit report, reflecting an 820 credit score, and he could then purchase the automobile of his choice. [2]

If a reporter such as Experian is unfair in its treatment of you, a suing the credit report company may be all it takes to fix your problem, and to walk away with some extra cash for your troubles and expenses.

Have a credit report lawyer review your case to determine whether you have a claim. Doing so should help if you intend to apply for credit card accounts, vehicle financing or a home mortgage in the future.

And if a bad credit report has resulted from a cultural misunderstanding such as the spelling of your name, take comfort in the justice system’s ability to rectify the matter.

[1] Gazarov v. Equifax, 14-cv-2336

[2] NYLJ, Vol. 253, No. 103, Pg. 1