Allied Interstate Debt Collector may be agent of iQor Inc.

A consumer filed a complaint pursuant to the FDCPA. Allied Interstate’s debt collection practices were alleged to be controlled by iQor Inc, which was not disclosed to the consumer.

Allied Interstate’s debt collection letter invited the consumer to respond, however the consumer’s response to the collection letter was returned by Allied Interstate as “not deliverable as addressed / unable to forward”.

An investigation indicated iQor Inc. controlled Allied Interstate’s collection agency operations, and therefore was the FDCPA claim against it was upheld by the court. In reaching this determination, the court relied in part on the precedential value of a Midland Credit Management debt collector case. [1]

Allied Interstate’s credit recovery work is widespread and the FDCPA violation identified by the court may be rampant. This multi-state collection agency allowing itself to be controlled by iQor Inc. could lead to a large consumer class action.

The way national collection agencies united and layered their operations over the years has been an attempt to insulate themselves from liability for consumer rights violations.

An Allied Interstate FDCPA violation may entitle you to recovery a statutory penalty up to $1,000.

If you have been contacted by an Allied Interstate debt collector, Midland Credit collections campaign, or had mail returned to you by iQor Inc.’s collection oversight department, let us show you how to stop collection abuse and protect your rights. Call for a free consultation today.

[1] Doyle v. Midland Credit Managment