Frenkel Lambert Foreclosure Lawyer Fights to Save Borrower’s House

Have you been served with a Frenkel Lamber Foreclosure lawsuit? Our Brooklyn & Queens New York foreclosure defense law firm can help. We regularly attend the Kings & Queens County Supreme Court foreclosure courtrooms, and we can check on your case or file a motion to dismiss the Frenkel Lambert foreclosure altogether.

Frenkel Lambert foreclosure lawyers represent mortgage lenders including Bank of America, Wells Fargo and US Bank, NA. These banks may not have been your original mortgage lender. Often times, these companies have taken over the loan responsibilities from the bank that origionally lent you the money. There is a good chance the original lender has since filed bankruptcy or gone out of business.

Frenkel Lambert Foreclosure Defense

Frenkel Lambert foreclosure lawsuits are ordinarily served on homeowners, along with a Notice of Pendency, within the first 4 months of the lawsuit process.

It is extremely important to serve and file a timely Answer to any Frenkel Lambert foreclosure Complaint. Your formal appearance in the foreclosure lawsuit must be mailed to the office of Frenkel Lambert Weiss Weisman & Gordon, LLP. Your appearance must also be filed at the Court Clerk’s office. Failure to do so can waive the most important defenses to New York foreclosure.

Once a judge has been assigned to your case, the court will schedule a conference. At the conference, the court will consider whether the Frenkel Lambert foreclosure proceeding can be settled with mortgage modification to save the borrower’s home.

A Frenkel Lambert foreclosure settlement application is customarily provided to the homeowner in order to apply for a mortgage modification. This application may look realtively straight forward and easy to complete. However, we highly advise having an experienced mortgage modification attorney review your application before it is submitted to the bank for a determination.

If you have been sued in a Frenkel Lambert foreclosure action, contact our Queens & Brooklyn foreclosure defense lawyer for a free case review today.