Lacy Katzen Debt Settlement Lawyers

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Lacy Katzen LLP is a debt collection law firm that represents collection agencies and bank in lawsuits filed in Queens, Brooklyn and throughout New York City.

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Lacy Katzen Debt Settlement Lawyers

LK represents the following lenders and third party debt buyer companies:

  • Atlantic Credit & Finance Inc., Assignee of HSBC Bank
  • Bank of America / FIA Card Services
  • Discover Bank
  • Elite Recovery Services Inc.
  • First American Investment LLC, Assignee of Citibank
  • First National Bank of Omaha
  • Palisades Collection LLC

Lacy Katzen Debt Settlement Lawyers

LK’s contact information is:

130 East Main Street
Rochester, NY 14604
Tel: (585) 454-5650

The firm employs approximately 25 – 30 attorneys practicing in a variety of civil matters including creditor’s rights and debt collection, estate administration and wealth management.

We have observed and defended our clients against a variety of deceptive actions taken by this firm in the debt collection process.

Additional Lacy Katzen Debt Settlement Information

● Wage Garnishment

● Frozen Bank Account

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