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Eltman Law Debt Settlement Lawyers in NYC

Our Eltman Law debt settlement lawyers represent consumers contact by a collection agency. We serve legal disputes on the creditor’s attorneys and submit litigation documents in court to protect debtor rights.

If you have received an income execution or bank levy notice, contact us for a free case evaluation.  We can let you know what disputes may be raised, and how a favorable settlement may be negotiated on your behalf.

Sued by Eltman Law Debt Collectors?

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If a debt collector has sued you in court, paperwork should be submitted at the Court Clerk’s office in a timely manner to protect your rights., 

Our Eltman Law debt settlement lawyers have been dealing with debt collection lawsuits in the New York court system for over 10 years.  We attend court in Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island & Westchester.  In addition, our affiliated attorneys in Upstate NY attend court for our clients statewide.

Eltman Law Debt Settlement Lawyers in New York

Stop debt collector intimidation.

Often times, a consumer will have several legal defenses to debt collection that they are not aware of.  These defenses include a process server’s failure to properly serve notice of a lawsuit upon the consumer.  In addition, when a third party debt buyer files a legal action, they must also be able to show a valid assignment of the account from the previous creditor to their company.

Eltman Law Debt Settlement Lawyers

Our New York debt defense attorneys are experienced litigating all the most common defenses to debt collection claims.  We have handled thousands of cases in New York City and beyond, and we have negotiated many favorable settlement agreements for our clients.

If you have received a legal notice from a debt collector, contact us for a free evaluation of your rights and options.  Our friendly and professional staff will discuss your legal matter with you in attempt to arrange a plan of action to resolve your case.

Take the first step to achieving financial freedom by contacting our New York debt relief attorneys today.

Additional Eltman Law Debt Settlement Information

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