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CACH, LLC is a company that purchases past due credit card account balances from a variety of credit lenders, including Bank of America, FIA Card Services, HSBC, GE Money Bank, Citibank N.A., and Capital One Bank.

CACH is also affiliated with CACV of Colorado, a national debt collection company.

CACH, LLC’s New York lawyers are Daniels Norelli Scully & Cecere. They have filed hundreds of debt collection lawsuits for this company in New York City.

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CACH LLC Debt Settlement Lawyers

CACH LLC Debt Settlement Lawyers Fight Square Two Financial

CACH, LLC outsources the servicing of its debt accounts to a separate entity called Square Two Financial, in Denver Colorado. Contact information is below.

Square Two Financial Headquarters
4340 South Monaco, 2nd FL
Denver, CO 80237
Tel: 1-877-304-0146

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CACH LLC Debt Settlement Lawyers in New York

CACH LLC v. Sarkodie
Civil Court, Bronx County, Index No. 10239-14

CACH, LLC had sued to collect a credit card account balance it claimed to have purchased from the original creditor. The defendant opposed summary judgment by challenging the evidence of the alleged debt-purchase offered by CACH. Defendant’s account was not specifically noted in the proffered portion of CACH LLC’s debt purchase agreement with the original creditor. Accordingly, CACH LLC failed to prove it had standing to maintain this lawsuit at all.

CACH was represented by the law firm Daniels Norelli Scully & Cecere, P.C.

On its claim for breach of contract, CACH, LLC failed to offer a copy of the credit card account agreement allegedly issued by the original creditor to the defendant. This means that even if CACH could prove it bought the debt from the original creditor, it was unable to prove the terms of the agreement or exactly what clause was breached by the defendant.

Further, CACH LLC sued for account stated, claiming the defendant received account billing statements for years without objecting, and therefore acknowledged the balance owed. The court determined CACH, LLC’s record custodian lacked personal knowledge of the original creditor’s procedures with respect to sending out billing statements and the bank’s record keeping regarding those mailings and any disputes received.

Accordingly, CACH, LLC was denied summary judgment on all its causes of action. And when the case was called for trial a few months later, the lawsuit was dismissed by the court.

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