Is Unifund CCR Collecting a Citibank Debt from you?

Unifund CCR is a debt buyer company. They invest money to acquire defaulted Citibank debt accounts, and then work as a collection agency to recover the funds from consumers.

We encourage you to fax or email us a copy of any debt collection letters and let us review the validity of the claims. A lot of debt buyer claims are unenforceable, and there is nothing the creditor can do to force you to pay.

We have seen evidence of multiple Unifund CCR collection lawsuits all filed to collect one single Citibank arrearage. The law firm frequently representing Unifund, Mullooly Jeffrey Rooney & Flynn LLP is persistent in processing of accounts receivable claims.

By not responding to legal notices sent to you in the mail, you may be giving up valuable consumer protections. Don’t let that happen. Our debt relief law firm concentrates our practice in responding to this type of paperwork.

You can file a counterclaim against Unifund CCR if they run afoul of the law. Often times the collection agency has to pay the legal fees you incur resulting from their violation(s).

Discovery demands such as a Demand for Document Production can reveal whether or not the debt buyer and collector are in possession of admissible evidence documenting their acquisition of the Citibank debt account. Often times, the creditor’s assignment of debt paperwork is not properly prepared, and even robo-signed by high volume processing employees.

If no valid Unifund assignment ever existed, who owns the account?

The answer may be that no legal entity can successfully claim to be the creditor on the account. If the seller bank has since merged with other entities, its corporate “book value” was calculated without inclusion of your account. Therefore, it will be difficult for the credit originator to attempt to reclaim the account if the alleged collection sale to Unifund were exposed as a nullity.

Meanwhile, if Unifund recovers only a fraction of the Citibank debt from you, they will make a large profit because they purchased the account for much less than you owe.

Don’t let these collectors run circles around you. Send us your documents for a free review today.