Portfolio Recovery Associates Harassing Phone Calls For Debt Payments

Has a debt collector like Portfolio Recovery Associates telephoned you demanding payment for a debt dating back many years old? Has the collector left harassing messages on your phone?

We see this happen frequently, and often times the consumer does not even owe the amount the collector demands be paid.

Our Portfolio Recovery defense lawyers are experiences turning an abusive debt collection agency into a favorable opportunity to resolve your old credit card debt for significantly less than the amount claimed as due. We do this by requesting the debt buyer provide detailed proof of the charges incurred on the old credit card account at issue, and reconciliation of those charges with all proof of credit card payments applied on the account. This helps expose any discrepancies and excessive finances charges.

Using these methods, we are often able to get the Portfolio Recovery case dismissed without any payment of the debt at all. After all, if the alleged Creditor cannot explain how your debt has been calculated, they are unable to prove the debt owed.

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If Portfolio Recovery sued in court, you may be closer than ever to having this debt dismissed once and for all. When the time comes for Portfolio Recovery proof of debt to be submitted to the judge for a ruling, your timely Answer to the lawsuit can make all the difference in winning or losing the case.

If you have defended yourself in Court, you can expect it to stop Portfolio Recovery harassment. This Creditor practically begs consumers to settle accounts in contested litigation. In these circumstances, the opportunity is ripe for the favorable settlement that may have previously eluded you.

Regardless of how you chose to handle the debt, don’t let nasty Portfolio Recovery callers ruin your day. We know navigating the debt defense landscape on your own can be tough. Our debt defense team can prepare all the paperwork and arguments needed to handle your case properly.

If you need a lawyer to put an end to Portfolio Recovery Associates abusive conduct, call us today.