Queens Income Execution Lawyer to Fight Judgments

Do you need a Queens income execution lawyer to stop garnishment of your wages?

Often times, a judgment debtor’s pay check is garnished without the debtor ever being informed they were sued in court.

Our law firm’s Queens income execution lawyer was recently able to stop a wage garnishment against our client and obtain the bank’s consent to vacate the judgment altogether. We obtained this result even though the debt collector had refused this relief when previously requested by our client on his own.

How did we fight the judgment? A strong motion drafted by our Queens wage garnishment attorney proved that the debt collector had not provided proper notice of the lawsuit to our client. The collection agency preferred to give in they face a likely adverse ruling by the judge.

At this point in the litigation, our client’s preference was to negotiate a favorable settlement, which we did. The settlement provided our client a substantial discount off the income execution amount, and also provided for a monthly payment plan.

We believe we could have had the lawsuit dismissed completely by a Queens Civil Court judge. We may even have been able to recovery a statutory penalty from the debt collection agency, as well as force them to pay our legal fees on the client’s behalf. The likelihood of success on such a claim depends in large part on an investigation into the collection agency’s internal policies. If the debt collector failed to maintain proper compliance oversight, it could be found liable for substantial monetary damages.

If a Queens or Brooklyn income execution has been served on your employer, let our debt defense lawyer fight your judgment in court. A strong fight against judgment enforcement is necessary to avoid appearing as though you admit the debt. We can obtain a Court order stopping the garnishment, which you can provide to your payroll department.

Further, numerous exemptions to wage garnishment exist. Let us help you alert the NYC Marshal of lawful reasons why the garnishment must be stopped.

Email us your judgment notices and our Queens income execution lawyer will provide a free case review.