Rubin & Rothman Bank Account Restraining Notice on Retirement Money

Has Rubin & Rothman restrained your bank account to collect on a default judgment?

Don’t delay, as this can be used against you as an admission of owing the debt claimed. Even worse, a delay gives Rubin & Rothman time to have the marshal seize the money you deposited in the bank, and it could be gone by the time the judge hears your case.

There are many reasons why the restraint on your account can be released, if acted upon timely. One such reason was encountered by our law firm in one of Citibank South Dakota’s Kings County Civil Court collection cases.

The lawyers for Citibank, Rubin & Rothman LLC, froze bank account assets that had been deposited by our client as part of a retirement savings plan. Our client came to us scared that her IRA (Individual Retirement Account) was nearly whipped out, and that her dream of retiring soon could never come true.

In fact, Rubin & Rothman released the bank account hold once it was proven to them that the frozen funds were exempt from garnishment. Our client’s nest egg was safe.

Our law firm went on to negotiate a settlement that required Rubin & Rothman to vacate the judgment entered in Citibank’s favor and to settle the debt for half the claim amount, payable at $100 per month.

If Citibank froze a bank account containing funds used for your monthly household expenses or deposited as retirement savings, contact our debt relief law firm for a free consultation about how to protect your money.