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Cohen and Slamowitz, LLP is a debt collection law firm based east of Queens County and outside of New York City. Tel: 516-364-6006

As of January 1, 2015, the firm changed their name to Selip & Stylianou LLP.  Stay tuned to our blog to view a copy of the name change notice provided to our staff.  This is not the first time this law firm has changed its name, likely to escape a bad reputation.

Additional Cohen & Slamowitz Debt Settlement Information

● Wage Garnishment

● Frozen Bank Account

Cohen & Slamowitz Debt Settlement Lawyers

Don’t negotiate a Cohen & Slamowitz debt settlement agreement before you find out whether or not you actually owe the debt at all. This holds especially true if the creditor is a purchaser of old debt like Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC or Midland Funding LLC. Call our debt defense lawyers for expert legal help and take advantage of our affordable legal fees and payment options.

Our Cohen & Slamowitz debt settlement lawyers have defended many consumers in lawsuits filed by Cohen & Slamowitz LLP / Selip & Stylianou LLP in the Civil Court of the City of New York, Counties of Kings / Brooklyn & Queens, and throughout New York City.

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Cohen & Slamowitz Debt Settlement Lawyers

The creditors represented by C&S in those cases include consumer credit card banks Citibank, Discover Bank, Capital One Bank, HSBC Bank, TD Bank and Target National Bank.

The creditors represented by C&S in those cases also include debt buyers and purchasers of charged-off accounts Midland Funding LLC, Portfolio Recovery Associates, Colorado Capital, Cypress Financial Recovery, Metro Portfolio, and MRC Receivables.

C&S employs about 15 attorneys and 250 non-attorney debt collection support staff. They mail countless debt collection dunning letters and place even more debt collection phone calls to consumers throughout Brooklyn, Queens and New York City.

If you have received any debt collection phone calls or paperwork from Cohen & Slamowitz, call us today for a free consultation and formal legal reply.

History of Cohen & Slamowitz Debt Settlement Violations

In February 2014, C&S was publicly censured and reprimanded by the Court’s Appellate Division for Brooklyn & Queens.

The Court found that C&S “engaged in a pattern and practice of conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice” under New York’s legal Code of Professional Responsibility. The public reprimand of this debt collection law firm followed years of consumer complaints regarding unfair debt collection practices.

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